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When I volunteered in Tohoku last March, there was a wonderful lady there who cooked the most wonderful meals for the volunteers. By that time she was just inviting groups over to her house occasionally for dinner and dropping off odd things at the volunteer house, but in the immediate aftermath of 3/11 (and for the next six months) she was regularly cooking lunch for 50 volunteers a day. All out of her own pocket and, at the beginning at least, without proper cooking equipment or supplies.

This is while the first floor of her own house had been ruined by the tsunami.

A cookbook of some of her recipes has been produced and alongside the recipes are many stories from volunteers who have worked in Tohoku (Ishinomaki, especially). It has both Japanese and English translations.

It's on sale via Amazon Japan (here, if you want to check it out) but as their international shipping is expensive for books, the volunteer group are offering to send them internationally via SAL or airmail.

[Full details]
This is a copy pasta from INJM -

"Here is the deal : you pay for the book, the shipping costs, the Paypal fee and the packaging cost. You can choose Airmail (around one week delivery) or SAL (around two weeks delivery). INJM doesn’t make any profit out of this service.
International buyers only ! If you are in Japan you can get the book from Amazon with free shipping !

Prices (including all costs and fees) :

Airmail 1 book = 2890 yens
Airmail 2 books = 5410 yens (save 370)
Airmail 3 books = 7770 yens (save 900)
Airmail 4 books = 9990 yens (save 1570)
Airmail 5 books = 11970 yens (save 2480)

SAL 1 book = 2570 yens
SAL 2 books = 4770 yens (save 370)
SAL 3 books = 6930 yens (save 780)
SAL 4 books = 9100 yens (save 1180)
SAL 5 books = 11260 yens (save 1590)

Note that the maximum number of book shipped at once is 5 because more than that the shipping costs are too expensive. So if you want 8 books you’ll get 5 and 3.

Send an email to with :
Full Name
Complete Address
Number of books
Shipping method (Airmail or SAL)
Paypal address

We will send you a Paypal invoice and ship the books once payment is confirmed."

I received the book at the weekend and can vouch that it's a good book with some good recipes and is a timely reminder as the second anniversary rapidly approaches that there is still so much more to do.

Even more info can be found here at the INJM Projects page

(This is a repost from my own LJ, sorry for any repeats on the F-lists!)
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